1m Provincial Limed White Hall Table

$395.00 + GST

Provincial Limed White Hall Table

Beautifully Designed and Handcrafted in Australia.

Dimensions: 1m long by 80 cm high by 27 cm deep

The Provincial Limed White Hall Table, another new design and fast becoming a favourite by my customers.

A very pretty piece of furniture.  Perfect for your Hallway, Lounge, Dining Room or Bedroom. My customers are so in love with this piece!

Made of new untreated pine (no nasties), and stained with Limed White, the unique grain of the wood shows through.  The Limed White is coated with a clear sealant in order to add to its durability.

It has two drawers and white and silver style drawer knobs. The drawers are 'occasional' drawers and are not on runners.

As it is a neutral colour and a bold and simple design it would suit most interior styles, whether you have a glamorous beach house, rustic cottage or modern home. Just add your favourite lamps, photo frames, French style wicker baskets and stylish ornaments.

It is solid and has been handcrafted to a very high standard.

The one in the photograph is my display model but the item I am selling is EXACTLY like this apart from wood grain will be unique to each piece.


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